Last week I was interviewed by about my adventure sports photography and what it takes to photograph adventure sports in general. As usual I delved into the nitty-gritty details of my profession in this hour long conversation with Kerry Garrison and David Esquire. Check it out on their website, it is Podcast #59 - A Conversation with Michael Clark.


Philip Heard said...

I'm an avid listener of Camera Dojo and been wanting to hear a show about the sports genre. Michael Clark's interview was very cool, interesting, and entertaining. It's great to hear pros like Michael, Kerry, and David(who pay their bills with their images), having so much fun discussing photography.
Keep shooting, Michael! And don't get yourself killed doing it!:)

Eugene said...

Good stuff... Thanks for the interview. Keep up the great work.

Eugene said...

Good stuff. Thanks for the interview. Keep up the great work.