Lightroom eBook featured on Adobe's Website

Adobe has been kind enough to feature my Lightroom workflow eBook Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: A Professional Photographers Workflow on the Adobe website. It is a great honor to be included with other excellent Lightroom books by such well known authors as Scott Kelby, Seth Resnick and Martin Evening. This is a huge stamp of approval for my ebook. You can check out the Lightroom resources page here.

I have had several people email me and and ask what sets my book apart from all of the other Lightroom books out there? That is a great question. My response to that is, as far as I know, my eBook is the only book that details a complete workflow from capture all the way through to finished images. My book isn't just about Lightroom. Most of the other Lightroom books are an in-depth detailed discussion of all the features in Lightroom but none of them that I know of come from the perspective of a professional photographer and show how Lightroom fits into a complete digital workflow. Also, my book contains a lot of information on setting up the camera, a shooting workflow, detailed naming conventions, storing and archiving strategies and an overview of when I use Photoshop after exporting images out of Lightroom as well as many other topics that aren't covered in the normal Lightroom books. Basically my book fits all the pieces of digital photography together to take you from your current digital knowledge base to a much more expanded and complete understanding of the digital process. And it does it with straight talk and very understandable and concrete examples.

I have been working closely with Adobe (not as an employee) for a number of years now and they are a fantastic company to work with. From top to bottom they are a responsive corporation that listens to photographers and artists so that they can make better products. If you haven't downloaded Lightroom 2.0 yet then you don't know what you are missing. For me and my workflow, it is the best thing to happen to photography since digital came on the scene back in the late 1990s.

The latest version of my eBook has gotten rave reviews and has been reviewed independently on several blogs. My many thanks to all of you who have purchased my eBook. Your continued support guarantees that the book will be expanded and made even better as Lightroom is upgraded and when the next version comes out. And lastly, many thanks to Adobe and in particular Frederick Johnson (who has been a great resource and friend) and the entire Lightroom team.

Ok, I know I have been talking about my Lightroom book all over the place. Enough for now. If you want to check it out go to my website at:

Summer 2008 Newsletter

The Summer 2008 issue of the Michael Clark Photography newsletter is now available for download. If you'd like to sign up for the Newsletter just drop me an email and I'll add you to the mailing list.

This issue includes an editorial on burning the candle at both ends and the creative urge, a review of Adobe Lightroom 2.0, a new section named Inside Scoop which details the Anatomy of a Portfolio and much more.

The Michael Clark Photography Newsletter goes out to over two thousand photo editors, photographers and enthusiasts around the world. You can download the Summer 2008 issue and back issues on my website at:

Please note that the newsletter is best viewed in the latest Adobe Acrobat reader which is available for free at

Ken Milburn writes a glowing review of Michael's Lightroom 2 eBook

I just got back from a five day trip in Colorado and saw that Ken Milburn wrote a glowing review of Lightroom 2.0 eBook Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: A Professional Photographer's Workflow.

Here is an excerpt from his blog post on Inside Lightroom:

I did, however, get a chance to read the Table of Contents, Introduction, and his very, very professional procedures for setting up his camera(s) for the best possible RAW capture…including one of the most clear and understandable discussions of the importance of Histograms, how to read them, and how to expose in order to capture the most RAW data possible in order to be assured of having the most to work with when adjusting the image. It’s all very scientific and thorough, but totally understandable, logical, and just plain interesting.

What I learned from the table-of-contents is that he seems to be covering a very complete suggested workflow that is specifically aimed at high-volume production, advertising, and editorial photographers who are expected to produce the very best pictures and present them almost instantly. He also has an entire chapter devoted to what you should save for doing in Photoshop, when and why.

Check out Ken's full blog post at Inside Lightroom. And if you'd like to check out Ken's website click here. Please note that I did not ask Ken to write this review. He purchased the book from my website like everyone else. My many thanks to Ken for his great review.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom eBook Now Available

After spending more time than I want to think about updating the Lightroom eBook, I have finally finished the updated version of my eBook Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: A Professional Photographer's Workflow. To purchase the updated version of this eBook click here.

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom workflow, a 124 page PDF e-book, is a workshop in book form. This workflow, while not exhaustive will cover the main topics of a shooting workflow then move into a RAW processing workflow with Adobe Lightroom Version 2.0 and Photoshop CS3. This book gets down to the nuts and bolts of a real world workflow. With so many new updates and changes in Lightroom 2.0 this eBook was almost completely re-written and presents a workflow that can be adapted by any photographer, professional or amateur.

Below is a list of some of the new content:

Lightroom as a Digital Asset Management Tool *NEW*
Six Ways to Speed up Lightroom *NEW*
File and Folder Naming Conventions *NEW*
A Logical Editing Process *NEW*
Library Filters *NEW*
Adobe Camera Profiles *NEW*
Creating Panoramas *NEW*
Using Merge to HDR *NEW*
Localized Adjustments *NEW*
Lightroom 2.0 and CS3 Compatibility *NEW*
Photoshop Workflow *NEW*
Creating Photoshop Actions *NEW*
Running Batch Actions *NEW*

Please note that, true to my word, anyone who purchased the previous version of this eBook on April 1st, 2008 or after will receive a free copy of the updated version. I will be compiling a list of emails of everyone who has purchased the eBook since April 1st and I'll send the download link to those individuals over the next few days.

Busiest Summer Ever!

This summer has been the busiest I have ever been in my career, hence the lack of blog posts the last few months. Things have cranked up to a whole new level here at Michael Clark Photography and I am working on some very exciting projects right now - which I can't disclose at this time but hopefully here soon I will be at liberty to say what is happening.

Starting in September my travel schedule gets nutty. I'll be in New York city for a few days meeting with clients, then fly off to Portland Maine for the Aurora Photos stock agency meetings which are always a blast. Two days after I get back from those meetings I am off to Yosemite Valley to shoot for three weeks. After that I'll be back here in New Mexico and dive right into assignment mode.

I also have finalized my latest print portfolio (the image above is one of the images from the book). If you would like to meet with me while I am in NY on September 9th and 10th please drop me an email and we can set up a meeting. I am excited to get back to the Big Apple and meet with many of my clients and many new ones as well.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: A Professional Photographers Workflow

I have been working sixteen hour days for a week now revising my workflow eBook Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: A Professional Photographers Workflow. The eBook will be available here in the next few days. All I have left to do is read it once more and make the final edit. The changes in Lightroom have been drastic in many ways that might not be apparent and this has drastically altered my workflow (for the better).

I have received many emails from folks who can't wait for the new version of the eBook. I'll have it out as soon as possible, I just want to make sure it is up to par and a fair bit better than the previous version. Guaranteed I'll make a posting here and on several other blogs I write for when the new version is available here in the next few days. The image above is a sample cover - I am still finalizing the look of the cover but I just thought I'd make a blog post here today to wet your appetite!