Sample PDF of Adventure Photography Book

If you want to get a taste of my latest book Digital Masters: Adventure Photography, my publisher has put together a sample PDF with several double-truck spreads from the book including those you see in this blog post. The spreads included are the introduction, a spread from Chapter 1 on photography gear, one from Chapter 4 on artificial lighting, a spread from the surfing section in Chapter 6 and a spread from Chapter 9 which talks about what it takes to make it as a pro adventure photographer.

The shot below pictures my main gear kit, which I shot over the course of two days and composited together for the book. Of course not all of this goes out on a shoot with me everytime, but this gives you an idea of the typical gear used by pro adventure photographers these days.

Best of Red Bull Photofiles 2009

I am honored to see that one of my images of Danny MacAskill, shot on assignment for Red Bull back in October 2009, was chosen for the "Best of Red Bull Photofiles 2009". The image was included in a selection of 32 images chosen from thousands and thousands of images shot for Red Bull in 2009. As Red Bull puts it on their site:

2009 has been as exciting and eventful as they come. With one athletic feat chasing the next, it has been a year of countless photographic highlights and moments to remember. To look back on the most remarkable of them, we have compiled 2009's most breathtaking shots for you. From kayaking action in Slovenia to trialbiking in San Diego - let our selection take you all around the world of outstanding sports photography!

Nikon World Article Online

Nikon has just posted an article on their website that I shot for the Summer 2009 issue of Nikon World Magazine. If you missed it last summer or don't subscribe to Nikon World, read it online here.

The article details some of the trials and tribulations of shooting such a remote and difficult adventure race and also talks about the Nikon equipment I used on that shoot. For a more detailed account of my experiences covering the race be sure to check out the Spring 2009 issue of my newsletter.