Winter 2008 Newsletter is here!

The Winter 2008 issue of the Michael Clark Photography newsletter is now available for download from my website. If you'd like to sign on for the Newsletter just drop me an email and I'll add you to the mailing list.

This new issue of the newsletter is really late in coming. I apologize for that. It has been busy around here and I was out of the office for pretty much the entire month of February. I'll get the Spring 2008 newsletter out here in the next few months hopefully with a portfolio of my images from Patagonia.

This issue includes an editorial written on a flight to Patagonia, a first look at Nikon's new D300 DSLR, a perspective article on an inspirational day, and much more.

The Michael Clark Photography Newsletter goes out to over two thousand photo editors, photographers and enthusiasts around the world. You can download the Winter 2008 issue and back issues on my website at:

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Jenny said...

I just read your D300 review and found it very informative as I am a new D300 owner. One question for you: why do you choose the 21-point focus instead of the 51-point?

Thank you!
Jenny Arnez

Michael Clark said...

Well, it has taken me a long time to figure out the D300 auto-focus and I have since stopped using the 21 point set up as it has a tendency to back focus on objects behind the subject - I have by no means mastered the focus on the D300 so I'll be talking about his a lot in the next issue of the newsletter. It is the most complex auto-focus system I have ever seen - perhaps a little too complex.

Cheers, Michael

P.S. - If you have any tips or thoughts feel free to post them here!

Mau said...

Hi Michael,

I just read the winter newsletter and was wondering if you could share the flash code you mentioned regarding your site. I have the same issue and haven't been able to fix it. I also use Slideshow Pro with Lightroom and Dreamweaver.

I love the work you do and visit your site often for inspiration. Congratulations on your success.



Michael Clark said...

Mauricio -

Check out these blog links for some info on how I put together my website - it is a long and complicated process so not easy to relay over the internet.

Cheers, Michael