Devils Tower, Wyoming

I'm just back from Devils Tower where I got some stunning images (like the one above of Jacopo Aliamo on 'El Matador') - and we had a fantastic time. I went up to the Tower with some good friends, Gabriela Baumeister and Jacopo Alaimo who is a certified climbing guide in Italy and quite strong. While up at the Tower I also shot portraits of Frank Sanders and a phenomenally talented singer/songwriter (and rock climber) Jessica Kilroy.

I have been shooting a few assignments and working here in the office since my return and am just now getting these images out. It looks to be a very busy fall with workshops, stock shoots and perhaps another trip back up to the tower. This is just an update on the latest news and I thought I would also put up a few of my favorite images from Devils Tower.

My many thanks to Frank and Jessica at the Devils Tower Lodge for their wonderful hospitality.


Ben said...

I hate you because you are so damn good! :-) Your latest shots in the Fall newsletter inspire.


Caleb said...

So did you climb the tower yourself first? What grade did you have to send to get to your shooting location?

Michael Clark said...

Celeb -

Hello. I let the climbers climb the routes most of the time becuase I have so much gear. It would be dicey to lead the routes and expensive if a camera got crushed in a fall...I never climbed to the top as I was working most of the trip. Spent one day climbing without a camera.

mustafah said...

the last shot is killer