Adobe Photoshop Lightroom eBook Now Available

After spending more time than I want to think about updating the Lightroom eBook, I have finally finished the updated version of my eBook Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: A Professional Photographer's Workflow. To purchase the updated version of this eBook click here.

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom workflow, a 124 page PDF e-book, is a workshop in book form. This workflow, while not exhaustive will cover the main topics of a shooting workflow then move into a RAW processing workflow with Adobe Lightroom Version 2.0 and Photoshop CS3. This book gets down to the nuts and bolts of a real world workflow. With so many new updates and changes in Lightroom 2.0 this eBook was almost completely re-written and presents a workflow that can be adapted by any photographer, professional or amateur.

Below is a list of some of the new content:

Lightroom as a Digital Asset Management Tool *NEW*
Six Ways to Speed up Lightroom *NEW*
File and Folder Naming Conventions *NEW*
A Logical Editing Process *NEW*
Library Filters *NEW*
Adobe Camera Profiles *NEW*
Creating Panoramas *NEW*
Using Merge to HDR *NEW*
Localized Adjustments *NEW*
Lightroom 2.0 and CS3 Compatibility *NEW*
Photoshop Workflow *NEW*
Creating Photoshop Actions *NEW*
Running Batch Actions *NEW*

Please note that, true to my word, anyone who purchased the previous version of this eBook on April 1st, 2008 or after will receive a free copy of the updated version. I will be compiling a list of emails of everyone who has purchased the eBook since April 1st and I'll send the download link to those individuals over the next few days.


andyherbick said...

Any upgrade pricing for those of us who purchased version 1 BEFORE 4/1/2008?

For the record, I thought the first one was excellent and it looks like a good bit of new info in version 2...but ya' can't blame a guy for askin'. Times are tight!

Nice Work,


John Esberg said...

Congrats on your release with the eBook! I'm sure the effort was worth it.

Michael Clark said...

Andy -

Unfortunately no upgrade discounts on this one. It was a major re-write and took almost two solid weeks of 16 hour days for me to put together so I need to recoup the $$$ for that effort. Hope this finds you doing well. Email me directly if you have any questions.

andyherbick said...


I understand and I ordered and downloaded version 2 and, much like the first, it's excellent. And I've already learned a few things from the "new & improved" sections so I'm already finding it worth it.



james said...

Hi Michael,

Been trying to get to the workflow section of your webite so I can download your book, but for the last two weeks haven't managed to connect (Actually I can't connect to your webite at all!)

Do you know if these issues are on my end or yours?


Michael Clark said...

James -

Is this still the case? My website seems to load fine for me. I did get hackled about a month ago but that was only one night before it was corrected.

The workflow e-book is available from this page:

If you can't get to that send me an email at and we can do it directly.

mess-maker said...

hi clark.i am from english is very bad. i can download your book ? it is free ? --- this link is dont me pls! where i can download free lightroom book ?

james said...

Hi Michael,

still can't access your website at all. i contacted my ISP, and they're convinced there's an issue with your server at I don't have any issues with any other websites, except with anything hosted by cnsp. hmmm...